Krishna Budha Chhetri

Krishna Budha Chhetri is a dynamic and spirited individual whose passion for travel and exploration led him to a fulfilling career as a trekking guide with Amazing Nepal Adventure. As a young and energetic professional, Krishna brings a vibrant enthusiasm to his role, making him not only an excellent guide but also a source of positivity for those who embark on adventures with him.

Known for his friendly demeanor, Krishna has become a favorite among the company’s clients. His genuine warmth and eagerness to share his knowledge about Nepal’s diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and hidden gems make the trekking experience not only adventurous but also educational.

Beyond being a knowledgeable guide, Krishna’s passion for exploration is insatiable. He constantly seeks to expand his understanding of Nepal, always eager to discover new trails, hidden valleys, and untouched landscapes. His adventurous spirit resonates with those who share his love for exploration, making him an ideal companion for anyone looking to delve into the heart of Nepal’s natural beauty.

Krishna’s commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible tourism is also commendable. He emphasizes the importance of preserving the environment and respecting local cultures, ensuring that the impact of tourism is positive and enduring. His dedication to ethical trekking practices aligns with Amazing Nepal Adventure’s commitment to responsible tourism.